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 ... and how much can you save?

Thinking of the loan, or pay off some already, and your payments will seem too high? Our specialists at the request selects the best variant from the 9-their banks.
Click here! We have an offer.
Credit-based real estate at low cost!
     * The possibility of the granting of loans, even without an expert's report and proof of income.
     * The possibility of reducing the interest rate to 0%.
     * The maturity of the loan to 45 years.

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For reflection will serve the following example:

 My client is repaying a loan of SK 1.2 million. En given for a period of 20 years, to demonstrate the basis of income, the monthly payment was of 9,756, - Sk. Two years ago, this loan is one of the best on the market. After their 26-months, we have this credit refinancovali to much more favorable to the following conditions: the period of repayment of the loan 16 years / 192 months / monthly installment in the SK 8625 without demonstrating income, without an expert's report, without charge for a loan.
Total savings for the entire length of the loan is the amount of 348 094 Sk.
Your interest rate can be reduced to 0% by balance mechanism. Since my client uses our services ongoing monitoring of developments in the market, it is very likely that in the future it offer significant financial benefits. It's as simple multiplication!
  We have reduced the period of repayment of the loan and the amount of monthly installments!

You select the optimal model for your living from the najrenomovanejších banks in our financial markets.
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